C6 Surface Trip Flare Bracket Assembly


Military C6 Surface Trip Flare bracket assembly, olive green, CA-04M03-06.

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This is a version of the M49 that was adopted in the early 1960’s. It has been used since then and is still a service store.

It consists of a body, fuze mechanism, and bracket assembly. The body is a thin aluminum case containing four illumination pellets, the top one with a first fire composition on top.

The bracket assembly has a U-shaped mounting bracket, two carriage bolts and a trigger mechanism.

The bracket has a perpendicular extension with two holes for nailing it to a tree. The lower portion of the bracket is pointed to help in forcing the bracket into the ground for ground installation.

The flare and bracket are painted olive green with markings in black on the bracket.

Marking on bracket:    [ Flare Surface trip C6 CA-04M03-06 ]

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