17/38 Service Battalion – Honoraries

17/38 Service Battalions – 1966 to Present

Honorary Colonels

HCol (Dr) T. E. (Ted) Holland, CD₃

HCol (Dr) C. H. (Claude) Murphy, OMM, CD₃

HCol B. P. (Barry) Bruce, CD

HCol K. W. (Ken) Langridge, CD₃

Her Honour, HCol V. S. (Vaughn) Schofield[i]

HCol D. M. (Dale) Watts, CD

HCol C. (Curtis) Kimpton

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonels

HLCol C. G. W. (Cecil) Dawkins, CD

HLCol I. H. (Israel) Asper, OC, OM, QC

HLCol K. W. (Ken) Langridge, CD₃

HLCol K. I. (Kerry) Hawkins

HLCol V. S. (Vaughn) Schofield

HLCol D. M. (Dale) Watts, CD

HLCol H. C. (Herb) Pinder, Jr.

HLCol S. A. (Shelby) Ch’ng

[i] In April 2010, 16 Service, 17 Service and 18 Service Battalions amalgamated to form 38 Service Battalion. HLCol Schofield had been the Honorary for 16 (Saskatchewan) Service Battalion prior to 2010. HLCol Watts had been the Honorary for 17 (Winnipeg) Service Battalion. In 2012, HLCol Schofield was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan. In 2013, Her Honour, HCol Schofield became the Honorary Colonel for 38 Service Battalion. HLCol Watts was appointed as HLCol.

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