Camp Hughes, located near Carberry, MB from 1909 to 1934, was a prominent Militia and First World War military training site for prairie soldiers. During the war, approximately 38,000 soldiers were trained there for overseas service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force (C.E.F.). In 1916, Camp Hughes was considered the second largest city in Manitoba after Winnipeg. A training camp this large required significant logistics support which was provided by #11 Service Company (Winnipeg), #18 Service Company  (St. James), #20 Service Company (Regina) and #1 Overseas Training Depot which recruited and trained over 2,100 combat service support officers and men for the CEF.

Many soldiers who trained at Camp Hughes went on to fight overseas in several famous Canadian First World War battles such as Ypres, Vimy, Hill 70, Lens, Amiens, Arras, Passchendaele, the Somme and Cambrai.

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